Come & Let’s Party Together

Let's Party Together


We meet every night, 10:30 pm,  at Oasis Backpackers Palace Hostel Rooftop.

We will have a welcome shot waiting for you, and we will gather together until 11:30 pm,
when we will leave the hostel to head to our first bar.

Around 11:45 pm, we will arrive at our first stop, where we will have another welcome shot,
spending between 30-45 min there.

At 12:15, your guide will regroup everyone to go to our second destination, where we
should arrive around 12:30 to spend another 30-45min. You will be welcomed with your
second included shot of the night, and we will leave the bar at 1:15 am.

Around 15 min later, we will arrive at one of the best clubs in town, where we will have
VIP entrance, no need to wait the line!

Meeting Point

Oasis Backpackers Palace




(+34) 666 39 67 69

Sevilla Student, S.L : B90187253

  • Calle Pagés del corro, 137, Horarios de Atención al cliente. De Lunes a Viernes de 11h - 15h y 17h - 20h
  • sevillepubcrawls@gmail.com
  • +34 666 39 67 69